A web é um excelente termômetro do impacto de suas estratégias no público-alvo, além de ser uma importante fonte de insights em relação ao seu produto.

Don't let this feedback go to waste!

Stakeholder Mapping

Shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers... Mapping will include all who are somehow connected to your company’s activities. The map will help you understand the expectations and importance of these people for your business and will support the design of a management plan, producing more information, innovation
and collaboration.



Network Mapping

People are known by the company they keep! This map will show you your relationship network in an entirely visual and simplified way. This makes it much easier to identify which people and groups are crucial to organizational restructuring and to your company’s success. You will understand exactly which are your most important connections and the information flow between them, so you may adopt the best strategy with each


Behavior Analysis on websites

Understanding the behavioral profile of website users is essential. This allows you to study your site’s impact on visitors and monitor the performance of your chosen strategies using different metrics.


Monitoring social media

See your company through your customers’ eyes. We keep an eye on everything that is being said online about your product and business.



Competitor Benchmarking

Who inspires you? In such a competitive environment, it is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses in face of competition. Thus, studying the best market practices is very important to secure a competitive edge and to meet consumer needs.

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